Discovering Ethiopia’s Podcast: From Entrepreneurship to Relationships and Everything in Between

Podcasts have become popular over the years. these days many people tune in to listen to podcasts all over the world, listen to their favorite shows, and gain knowledge and insight into topics they are interested in. In this blog post, we will explore the podcasts in Ethiopia, but before that let us understand what podcasts really are.

What is a podcast?

“a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new Installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.”

A podcast is the preparation and distribution of audio or video files or Pre-recording of talk radio shows that users can download to their computers or mobile devices. These files will then be uploaded to streaming services (such as YouTube), which users can listen to on their smartphones or digital music and multimedia players, like an iPod. A podcast can easily be created from a digital audio file.

What makes podcasts ideal is you can download and listen to them anywhere and anytime.

Podcasts In Ethiopia

there are several Podcast channels in Ethiopia. These channels range from entertainment, Educational, Lifestyle, etc…

Here are some examples of podcasting channels in Ethiopia that you can explore.

MERI Podcast

This podcast is hosted by two friends Kenean and Tigabu. Meri Podcast covers The entrepreneurship landscape in Ethiopia is growing and it needs a lot of content and local stories for others to learn from it and accelerate the growth of the ecosystem, sharing inspiring stories and lifestyles of Ethiopian Entrepreneurs.

Gugut Podcast

an entertainment and Educational Podcast, that covers different perspectives and philosophy and day to day lives of other people. these people usually have different backgrounds from businesses to influencers and content creators, Gugut shares their stories in a friendly manner.


this is an entertainment podcast hosted by four friends Alex, Negus, Bling, Snappy, and The Key. This podcast discusses the Ethiopian Entertainment industry, Lifestyle, Ethiopian hip-hop music how to have the perfect weekend, and the week’s hot topics.

እንደ (Ende) podcast

an Entertainment podcast hosted by Barkot, it focuses on the daily lives of professionals, exploring behind the scenes or the untold stories and experience. Ende podcast features exciting guests such as Bikers, Teachers, Brokers, Janitors, and Taxi drivers and shares their unique stories with the world.

Andebet Podcast

an entertainment podcast that invites guests from different backgrounds ranging from art, money saving, environment and Hiking, trauma, depression, split personality, Podcasts, AI and start-ups, etc…

Gulicha Podcast

an educational podcast hosted by Abinet Liyu. the podcast focuses mainly on dating, relationships, and marriage. Gulicha podcast invites guests from different backgrounds and shares their experiences in those regards.

In Ethiopia, there are several podcast channels available, covering a variety of subjects from entrepreneurship to relationships. we have covered some of them in this blog post, With a diverse range of podcasts available, listeners in Ethiopia have plenty of options to explore.

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