Empowering African Entrepreneurs: The African Business Heroes Initiative

The “African Business Heroes” (ABH) project and competition seeks to discover and encourage brilliant African entrepreneurs who are positively impacting their communities and promoting economic growth in Africa.

“African Business Heroes” (ABH) is an initiative and entrepreneurship competition that seeks to identify and support talented African entrepreneurs who are positively impacting their communities and driving economic growth in Africa. The initiative was launched by the Jack Ma Foundation, founded by Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma, and is implemented in partnership with various organizations and stakeholders.

It began in 2017 when Mr. Jack Ma visited Africa. He was inspired by the entrepreneurial energy and potential he saw in the young people he met. during that time he also saw and recognized barriers to economic development and entrepreneurship in Africa that existed in China when he founded Alibaba in 1999. The initiative aims to identify, support, and uplift African entrepreneurs who are talented and who are creating value in their community.

The Goal

The ABH competition’s main goal is to discover and recognize Africa’s most innovative and promising entrepreneurs working in different sectors from agriculture, education, healthcare, and technology. And provide these entrepreneurs with the necessary resources, mentorship, and funding to scale their businesses and create a sustainable impact.

Starting from the application process, regional rounds, and final pitch competition where the finalists present their business ideas and plans to the esteemed judges the competitors pass through a rigorous selection process.

For the African Business Heroes ABH competition, all the participants will be provided with training and support to help them enhance their knowledge and skills, and the winners are rewarded with Financial Grants, Mentorship, and access to a network of business leaders and investors.

The Jack Ma Foundation aims to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and inspire the next generation in Africa, to contribute to the economic development of the continent. Additionally, The immense potential of African entrepreneurs will be recognized, and the initiative seeks to empower them to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

ABH empowers African entrepreneurs to become leaders in their areas by giving mentorship, funding, and recognition to remarkable individuals. These entrepreneurs are reshaping Africa’s economic environment and creating long-term change via their inventive ideas, perseverance, and tenacity. Africa’s future looks brighter than ever with continuous support and investment in entrepreneurship.

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