Meet Eshetu Melese: Comedian, Tv Host, Motivational speaker, CEO, and Founder of Donkey Tube

Eshetu Melese is a well-known Ethiopian comedian and TV personality who has achieved enormous success in the entertainment business. Eshetu, well known for his stand-up comedy and YouTube performances, has a distinct sense of humor that never fails to make people laugh. His ability to deliver intriguing jokes causes his audience to burst out laughing.

Eshetu was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Eshetu later moved to Adama with his mother after his father’s passing. He pursued a degree in Theatrical Art at Addis Ababa University 6 kilo, following his high school education. thereafter completing his studies, Eshetu initially worked at Debol Media Advertising for nine months. During this time before returning to Adama and taking up a job at a garage. After four months of working at the garage, he decided to return to Addis Ababa and start working with his brother-in-law after opening an Advertising Company. Following that, Eshetu stepped into radio hosting at Yegna, a radio program financed by the UK sponsors.

Eshetu’s career took another step forward when he wrote and aired his debut comedy show, ‘Zemene Fiseha,’ on JTV. This expanded his popularity and led to an opportunity to host an amusing TV show called ‘Yebeteseb Chewata’ on EBS television. Along with his television appearances, Eshetu began displaying his humorous talents on his YouTube account, Donkey Tube.

Donkey Tube offers a diverse selection of humor and entertainment shows on a variety of topics. One of his most popular YouTube shows is ‘Dink Lijoch,’ in which he invites highly talented children to perform. This show has a large following on YouTube.

other than comedy Eshetu is a gifted poem and scriptwriter. he also participates in voluntary works and Fund raisings for great causes.

Eshetu Melese has become a household name in Ethiopia’s entertainment sector thanks to his exceptional talent and entertaining performances. His ability to make people laugh and connect with his audience has cemented his place as one of the country’s most popular comedians and TV shows.

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